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2023 Guild Party Poll

Hey, friends! This year our guild will mark our 18th birthday and we'd love to have you all help us celebrate. To help us plan a party to remember, we have a few quick questions about what days you could

Pushing into Aberrus

Happy Pride! H Word is pushing further into Aberrus and eliminated the Zaqali, Warlock Kagni and Rashok. Warlord Kagni and the rainbow door soakersThe Echo of Neltharion standing on our loot, RashokCongrats to everyone who got loot and upgrading their

H Word Murder Hobos

H Word at SarkarethOur heroic team finished off Sarkareth on normal and headed to heroics and finished the first wing in the Lab!

Heroic Kazzara slained

Sorry for this latergram, but H Word killed Kazzara on heroic last week on May 21st! H Word posing for Heroic Hazzara kill

Zskarn and Magmorax Slain!

Zskarn: The Viglant StewardMagmoraxWe got our first kills of Zskarn and Magmorax tonight! Magmorax was even a one shot! Great work on learning this boss! Congratulations to everyone who got loot!