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2020 Party Survey

Hey, all! Saturday, July 11th is the guild's 15th birthday. Help us decide how to celebrate by filling out the survey below. It shouldn't take any more than five minutes, but will give us valuable information about what days and

Il'gynoth Vanquished!

We got our first kill of Il'gynoth tonight! Congratulations to everyone who got loot! Great work on learning a new boss in only a couple of attempts!

Vexiona Slain!

We got our first kill of Vexiona tonight! Great work on getting the boss down in only a few pulls. Congratulations to all who got loot tonight!

HARbringers Deathwing Mounts

Group picture of the raid team after we all got our Deathwing mounts on Tuesday. We will be running it all again next tuesday for anyone in the guild who missed the chance to do it with us the first