Mission Statement:

This guild was formed to provide a fair, friendly and mature environment for its members. Members should conduct themselves in a manner which promotes the fun of the game and prosperity of the guild and its members. Semper Vigilans is an Alliance guild on the US-Perenolde server.


The guild uses its own Discord server which can be found at: https://discord.gg/npEC55X6SE You can download the app at: https://discord.com/


  1. Please be courteous and helpful towards all players.
  2. Guild ranks are based on guild participation:

Standard Ranks:

Trainee: This is the starting rank for all new members. They will be promoted to Sentinel after an evaluation period to determine if they are a good fit for our guild. Time spent as a trainee will vary, based on guild participation.

Stasis:  If you disappear for a while, we may put your toon(s) in Stasis which removes Guild Bank privileges. Characters inactive for over two months may be purged from the guild roster.

Sentinel: This is the basic guild rank. Sentinels may take items from the guild vault.

OfficerEmeritus: Officers who do not have current responsibilities, but have access to officer forums and to officer chat for feedback purposes.

Protector: Guild officers. These members have recruiting privileges, access to officer chat and to the guild vault, and are the people you should turn to if you have a guild question or issue.

Keeper: Guild Second in Command (Galena)

Oracle: Guild Mistress (Numina)

3.  We encourage you to provide crafting services or items to other guild members whenever possible. Everyone benefits from a source of inexpensive items.

4.  We understand that people often want to try out a pvp guild or a big raiding guild. Frequently characters leave for other guilds and then wish to come back. Multiple departures and returns are generally disruptive. Every player (TOON?) gets one chance to leave and return to us. Any further departures will be considered permanent.

5.  We are an adults-only guild. Please do not ask us to invite anyone under eighteen.

6.  This guild prohibits the buying or selling of gold and characters, the duping of items, and generally using any exploits that provide one player an unintended advantage over another. Violators will be dismissed from the guild and reported to Blizzard.

Recruiting Policies:

Only Sentinels and up may recommend a trainee.

That Member is now responsible for their candidate. It's his/her job to get this person involved, to make them feel welcome and at home in the guild. (The trainee's public note should include who's sponsoring them)

You may sponsor up to two Trainees at a time.

Trainees may only have two characters in the guild at a time. The names of both toons should be set in public notes throughout Trainee period for ease of tracking.

Each Trainee will get a thread in the officer forum. Officers are encouraged to note experiences they've had with the trainee, good or bad. We're not looking for anything about their actual playing skill, "OMG he kept running out of mana!" We're after information about their character, "really cool guy, stuck around in a bad run even though we kept wiping!" and, "grrr, swiped his blue and logged!" Officers may also be gathering feedback from guild members.

Once the Trainee receives three uncontested positive posts (and has been in the guild for at least a month), they'll be reviewed for full membership.

Any officer of Protector level or higher can invite a character you choose to sponsor.

Bank Policies

Current content tab:  For use by any guild member.  Help yourselves!

Raw Mats tab: The top tab is for current raw materials you want to share with our crafters. These materials are meant to be used to create items for yourselves or for guildies. They are not meant to be used for leveling or for sharing outside the guild.

Crafted Mats tab:  The second tab is for crafted items you'd like to share like enchants, potions, missives, etc.

LegendaryBlanks tab: The third tab is to hold the blank base items you will use to create your first legendary on your main. These items will be especially dear at the outset, so please only take one for your main. We'll likely open this more widely as the expansion goes on and mats are less hard to come by.

Party tabs: These are tabs for Galena to store the gathered party prizes.  We generally have at least an SV birthday party and  a winter holiday event each year.  Join us to win some goodies!

Deposit tab: This is where you put donations for the guild parties and other tabs.

PayPal Donations

There is a PayPal donation link.  We occasionally (though rarely) ask for donations to offset the costs of upkeep on our website, etc.