Real Name: Nikki
Age: 47
Location: Adelaide, South Australia
Silvina: BM Hunter
Ligea: Affliction Warlock
Numina: Holy Priest

About Me: Boston librarian, bibliophile, tech geek, info junkie, and travel buff temporarily relocated to Adelaide, South Australia.

Interests: fairy tales, mythology, urban fantasy novels
Times you'll find me on: raid nights and weekends
Most hated instance: Oculus! (yes, still)
Most loved instance: whatever gave me good loot last



Real Name: Mary (Member Spotlight #15)
Age: 34
Location: Twin Cities, MN

Galena: Druid (my main, unless something changes in BFA)
Wilhelmina: Paladin
Alexsia: Priest
Shiyi: Monk
Arysta: Shaman
Naia: Hunter
Morbidity: Death Knight
Natalie: Rogue
Zafira: Shaman (Horde)

About Me: I live with my wife, Christy, whom you will often hear in the background on discord. We have an extremely spoiled golden retriever named Maddie. I'm finishing my degree in math and getting my teaching license. I've been a math tutor while I do that.

Interests: In game, you'll usually find me running mythic plus dungeons if I'm online. When I'm not playing WoW, I like to read, play board games and tabletop RPGs, and spend time outside.

Most Hated Instance: I don't hate any of them really, but I least enjoy running Seat of the Triumvirate, so much trash. Definitely my least favorite key to get for mythic plus.
Most Loved Instance: I love 5 man dungeons, but I really liked the Karazhan redo in Legion, particularly the second half where everything is turned on its head. Kara was my first raid, so it was nostalgic to revisit it.



Real Name : Leon
Age: 36
Location: Queens, NY

Alliance Characters:
Fuggle: Mage (Tailor/Enchant)
Steady: Priest (Tailor/Skinning)
Myhumps: Hunter (Herblist/Alchemy)
Foxylove: Paladin (Mining/Blacksmith)
Collins: Rogue (Mining/Jewelcrafter)
Fiyero: Druid (Skinning/Leatherworking)

Horde Characters:
Simoncowell: Death Knight
Kovarian: Warlock

About Me: IT guy at work. When I'm not working or playing WoW, I am either rehearsing with the Chorus or watching HGTV and the Food Network and then going out to attempt one of those dishes on the show or a DIY project saw on HGTV. I also love my Star Trek and Doctor Who which I can binge watch on Amazon. I could also be caught at a Karaoke place.

Times you'll find me on: Weeknights and Weekends

Most hated instance: Vault of the Wardens
Most loved instance: Dire Maul (North/Tribute)


Real Name: John
Age: 68
Location: Sacramento, CA

Quantifier: Holy Pally, BS(armor)/miner
Quivver: Hunter, Skinner/LW
Quarry: Prot Warrior, Eng/Miner
Qtiper: rogue, Alchemist/Herblist
Qstore: bank

Work: WoW dailies
Times most likely to play WOW: Could be anytime between 9 a.m. and 11 p.m. PST

About me: Spent 20 years in the Air Force, traveling the world. Stationed in Germany, Italy, Japan, and Hawaii at various times. Engineer by trade. Worked for the State of CA as a telecommunications Engineer. Also a Mac user but Crystal has to do most of my computer stuff for me. Play tennis 2 times a week, golf 2 times a week, and WoW 7 times a week. Fairly good at tennis but really suck at golf. Used to snow ski a lot but hate those boots so don't anymore. Watch way too much TV. Have 2 cats and two kids who are grown up and out of the house, living in Seattle. Love to dance, thinking about taking lessons. Favorite movie: Sleepless in Seattle.

Favorite instance: Like em all


Real Name: Allen
Age: 52
Location: Adelaide, South Australia

Carastulan: Resto Druid/Boomkin (alchemy/herbalism)
Carastul: Fire Mage (enchanting/alchemy)
Carastine: DPS Demon Hunter (skinning/leather working)
HairyConnick: prot/arms Warrior (mining/blacksmithing)

About Me: Retired submariner. Currently a Program Manager for a Department of Defense contractor.

Interests: Video games of all kinds, sci-fi and fantasy books/movies/etc., virtual reality (currently fascinated with Oculus Rift), possibly writing a trilogy someday... Dallas Cowboys footbal!!

Most Hated Instance: Gnomeregan. Even the sound/music was annoying.
Most Loved Instance: Karazhan. Home of my first raid experience.


Real Name: Shawn --Nicknames Shaky, Shawn Blaze, BBB aka Big Butt Burke, Shizz Blizz (Member Spotlight #5)
Age: 43
Location: Maynard, MA...But born and raised in Cambridge Mass aka the Bridge

Spirirfire: Shadow Priest (Tail/Ench)
Izzyjade: Warrior (Eng/Min)
Riddicc: Rogue (Herb/Alch)
Spiritwalker: Druid (LW/Skin)-My Guild Bank
Gundolph: Paladin (Min/BS) - Crazy 88's Guild Bank
Spirsoul: Warlock in HA

FOR THE HORDE!!!! (Semper Feroces)
Bloodrunnah: Hunter (Herb/Alch)
Deathwalka: Deathknight (Min/BS)
Shadowsoul: Warlock (Skin/Tail)
Vaargas: Druid (Skin/LW)

About Me: FireFighter in Cambridge, MA and I just got offered a job to be the assistant track coach at Umass Boston. My goal for the next 5-10 years is to own a bar with a full menu. I have a wife and four kids. Two boys and two girls. Hopefully someday another dog and some fish.

Interest: Having surgeries LOL. Playing WoW or pretty much any kind of video game ,PS3,XBox360 or Wii. reading mostly fantasy I love R.A. Salvatore, Warhammer, Warhammer 40K strategy game. All sports, how can you be from Mass. and not like sports. I love watching track and field the most. Movies, movies and more movies OK nerd time I play D&D and several other role playing games like Vampire , Mage and Werewolf which are all part of the World Of Darkness series, also Dark Heresy and Iron Kingdom. You know what... I have way to many interest so I'm gonna stop there or this list could go on and on.

Most Hated Instance: Don't have one , but I'll tell you I hate in an instance. Right before you get to Curator those damn worms and voids. I want to sit that part out all the time.
Most Like Instance: I like doing any of them so just being there is cool.


Real Name: Kenneth (Member Spotlight #13)
Age: 41
Location: Cincinnati, OH
Alliance: They all have XB in the name. You figure it out from there.
Horde: Skalpar, XBDeath, XBbull

About Me: I spent most of my youthful years visting hot and dirty countrys thanks to Uncle Sam. Now I do IT stuff. I've got kids that are punisment for my youth. Fate is fickle.
I enjoy reading, riding motorcycle, and doing silly endurance events that may do more bodily harm then good, but I'm part of that 10% survival group when the EMP goes off I'm pretty sure.
I don't get spun up about much, and when I do it's usually very short lived.
I'm pretty easy-going.

Times you'll find me on: East coast time. Some spotty daytime play. Raid Tuesdays.

Most Hated Instance: None really get to be called hated. I don't even mind Gnomer.
Favorite Instance: I really like the instances that are fast and involve timed waves. Like BM in CoT and Violet Hold in Dal. I've always like the Trial of Champions. Great gear in there and it's fast.

Tanya and Peter

Real Name: Tanya
Age: 40
Location: Alberta, Canada

Kashea: Beastmastery and Marksman for PVP (Leatherworker/Skinner)
Kerwindra: Feral kitty (herb/inscription)
Secretelle: sneakiest rogue spec I could find (Mining/Engineering)
Rasminthara: Void Elf Monk (JC/mining)
Clue: Frost Mage (Tailoring/mining)
Rezira: Something priest(Herbalism/alchemist)
Assorted other toons on alliance and horde

About me: I work as an Administrative Assistant at a Seniors Lodge. I have a daughter who's 13, and is gaining interest in WOW. So far we are at oppostite ends as her favourite character is a troll druid. My son has since moved out as he's of that age (22). I'm happily married to my bestfriend who i've been together with for half my life. I'm a mom to 3 cats and a lovable dog. I've been with Semper Vigilans since the beginning and it's my home away from home. You won't often find me raiding, but you will see me finishing up achievements as i'm a completionist at heart when it comes to video games. As of late it's attempting to get as many honor levels as I can before new expansion comes out.

Interests: I enjoy reading outside of gaming. I have all sorts of interests including watching cooking shows with my daughter, at times playing minecraft with my family, cooking, walking, dabbling in gardening and most recently learning about crypto currency which my husband and I now mine Ethereum.


Real Name: Scott
Age: 33
Location: Ames, IA

Nitefire: Enhancement Shaman (Miner/Jewelcrafter)
Niterunner: Warlock
Nitedancer: Mage
Nitesky: Warrior
Nitestar: Paladin
Nitetime: Hunter
Niteflame: Demon Hunter

Horde Characters:
Bloodfire: Rogue

About Me: I work at the Iowa State University Vet Diagnostic Lab, running tests for Rabies, various other animal viruses, and Necropsy work on animals the we recieve. I have two cats named Woody and Sally who are brother and sister from the same litter and I adopted them together from the shelter.

I joined the guild back in early November just before Cataclysm launched, though I raided for somewhere near a year and a half with various members of SV in Team Refugees. Unfortunately my old guild RWH died slowly over the course of LK.

I've played WoW since the beginning. I played both Warcraft 2 and 3 and loved those games and somewhere along the line I found somewhere a way to apply for the beta in World of Warcraft. I got into the beta about 3 months before it ended and played a night elf druid. Sadly I only made it to level 20 before demons invaded the cities and turned everyone into chickens.

I got the retail version of WoW for Christmas the year it came out and was assigned to Perenolde randomly when I made my first main in wow a tauren hunter named Plainstar. I made it to 60 and devoted all my time playing to PvP in the brand new battle ground system. After 5 months I became very burned out and abandoned the hunter and to get a fresh start rolled a gnome warlock Niterunner who would be my main til the end of BC. During BC I lvled 2 other characters to max level Nitedancer my mage and Nitefire my shaman. I've gotten extremely good at leveling alts when I want to, unlike those days back in the WoW beta. Since rolling alliance all my alliance toons on Perenolde begin with Nite so most people call me Nite no matter what character I am playing.

In WotLK I switched my main to Nitefire, because I'd grown to love the style of melee play and playing my ranged casters to level them is gotten harder and harder the more I've played my melee classes. Nitefire has remained my main to this day and will always be Enhancement. Over the last several expansions I've managed to increase the amount of max level characters I have by the end. For instance by the end of Warlords I had my Shaman Nitefire, my mage Nitedancer, my warrior Nitesky, my paladin Nitestar, my hunter Nitetime, my warlock Niterunner, my rogue Bloodfire, and my brand new demon hunter Niteflame all at 100. Bloodfire is my only horde character at this time to make it to max level in several expansions and it is currently a member of the Horde sister guild.

So that is a little about me and my time in WoW. If anyone would like they can add me on the wow battle tag friends list my Battle Tag is Nite#1629.


Real Name : Ken
Age: 53
Location: Orleans, Ontario, Canada
Hurah: Prot / Heals Pally BS/ Miner
Stopme: Combat rogue Alchemist / flower picker
Yabadaba: Shadow / Dics Priest Tailor / Enchant
Honeypot: BM Hunter Inscription / herber
Aliika: Arms warrior JC / Miner
Knotwood: Feral druid leather / skinner
Scrumpett : Warlock in training
Tiance : Fire - Arcane Mage
Kneeknockers: Frost dk / engineer/miner

Work: Play wow and some times actually work in Learning Technology
Online : Um, when am I not online is more like it

Retired from the force. Miserable ole Grump. Just Don't Piss in my Cornflakes or my evil twin may appear.
Have 3 great kids all grown up ( at least they think they are ) and 4 beautiful grand daughters

Between work and wow and work and wow, sometimes both. I enjoy life and like to have fun. Enjoy just being a pest!!!
Spend a month every summer travelling where ever my heart desires.

Favorite dungeon, pretty much all of them..........Except Gnomer........I hate that place.

Tanya and Peter

Real name: Peter
Age: 34
Location: Innisfail, AB and most of Western Canada

Zaknall - (main) 85 NE Warrior (prot) - Armorsmith, Miner
Grendalan - 85 Hu Mage (frost) - Tailor, Enchanter
Fornen - (bank) 42 Dw Pal

About me: Emergency Medical Responder, licensed in Alberta, working for the oil field, gas, and construction industry. My job takes me all over Western Canada, most places I've seen, you'd never see from a car traveling on our provinces highways. If I only had more pictures to describe some of the wonders I've seen in my travels. I love my job, but it does take me away from my wife Tanya (Kashea, for those of you who don't know), we have two lovely kids, one boy, one girl. Our oldest is 15, Joshua, our youngest 6, Audrey. We have 6 cats, 2 mice, a dog and .... a partridge in a pear tree. lol. No partridge yet but it's still early.

Interests: Playing WoW (depending on where I'm stationed, I may or may not have internet access), playing Crysis 2 (to take the stress out of my day when I come home after dealing with my boss, very soothing), I'm a computer affectionado, my basement can attest to that, I love to tinker with older computers, and OS's to see what I can do. I'm a very friendly people person (some of you may scoff but if you've heard me start karaoke in guild chat). I love to watch movies, either at the theater or in house. I have played most trading card games, Kash and I still have our Magic: The gathering decks, I have pokemon cards, ST: TNG, hockey, even Wow trading cards. Used to play alot of D&D, back before I had the family and times were simpler.

Times most likely on: Anytime I can get my hands on a stable internet connection - I'm mastering how to hack the satellite signal to play WoW to my benefit.

Most hated instance: Not sure if I really have one.
Favorite instance: Love them all, it's when I get to play with all my guildies.