Nikki Real Name: Nikki
Location: Canada

Silvina: BM Hunter
Ligea: Affliction Warlock
Numina: Holy Priest

About Me: Librarian, bibliophile, tech geek, info junkie, and travel buff.

Interests: fairy tales, mythology, urban fantasy novels
Times you'll find me on: raid nights and weekends
Most hated instance: Oculus! (yes, still)
Most loved instance: whatever gave me good loot last


Mary Real Name: Mary (Member Spotlight 15)
Location: Twin Cities, MN

Alliance Characters:
Galena: Druid
Wilhelmina: Paladin
Alexsia: Priest
Shiyi: Monk
Arysta: Shaman
Naia: Hunter
Morbidity: Death Knight
Natalie: Rogue

Horde Characters:
Zafira: Shaman

About Me: I live with my wife, Christy, whom you will often hear in the background on discord. We have an extremely spoiled golden retriever named Maddie. I'm finishing my degree in math and getting my teaching license. I've been a math tutor while I do that.

Interests: In game, you'll usually find me running mythic plus dungeons if I'm online. When I'm not playing WoW, I like to read, play board games and tabletop RPGs, and spend time outside.

Most Hated Instance: I don't hate any of them really, but I least enjoy running Seat of the Triumvirate, so much trash. Definitely my least favorite key to get for mythic plus.
Most Loved Instance: I love 5 man dungeons, but I really liked the Karazhan redo in Legion, particularly the second half where everything is turned on its head. Kara was my first raid, so it was nostalgic to revisit it.


Leon Real Name: Leon
Location: Queens, NY

Alliance Characters:
Fuggle: Mage (Tailor/Enchant)
Kataski: Warrior (Miner/Engineer)
Cubcake: Monk
Steady: Priest
Myhumps: Hunter (Herblist/Alchemist)
Foxylove: Paladin (Miner/Blacksmith)
Purpleguy: Demon Hunter
Collins: Rogue
Fiyero: Druid (Skinner/Leatherworker)

Horde Characters:
Simoncowell: Death Knight
Kovarian: Warlock

About Me: IT guy at work. When I'm not working or playing WoW, I am watching YouTube from DIY stuff, PC parts reviews, to Try Guys, or Travel vlogs. I also love shows like Star Trek, Doctor Who, to Great British Bake Off, or Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat. I could also be caught at a Karaoke place.

Times you'll find me on: Weeknights and Weekends

Most hated instance: Shrine of the Storm
Most loved instance: Dire Maul (North/Tribute)

John Real Name: John
Location: Sacramento, CA

Quantifier: Holy Pally, BS(armor)/miner
Quibble: Druid, Herblist/Alchemist
Quivver: Hunter, Skinner/LW
Quarry: Prot Warrior, Eng/Miner

Work: WoW dailies
Times most likely to play WOW: Could be anytime between 9 a.m. and 11 p.m. PST

About me: Spent 20 years in the Air Force, traveling the world. Stationed in Germany, Italy, Japan, and Hawaii at various times. Engineer by trade. Worked for the State of CA as a telecommunications Engineer. Also a Mac user but Crystal has to do most of my computer stuff for me. Play tennis 2 times a week, golf 2 times a week, and WoW 7 times a week. Fairly good at tennis but really suck at golf. Used to snow ski a lot but hate those boots so don't anymore. Watch way too much TV. Have 2 cats and two kids who are grown up and out of the house, living in Seattle. Love to dance, thinking about taking lessons. Favorite movie: Sleepless in Seattle.

Favorite instance: Like em all

Shawn Real Name: Shawn (Member Spotlight 5)
Location: Massachusetts

Alliance Characters:
Riddicc: Rogue
Wongfeihun: Monk
Spirshaman: Shaman
Adambomb: Mage
Maayaa: Death Knight
Izzyjade: Warrior
Mayajade: Priest
Bloodrunnah: Hunter
Spirilight: Paladin
Spirilock: Warlock
Spirirfire: Druid
Mythunsam: Demon Hunter

Horde Characters:
Shadowsoul: Warlock
Gundolph: Paladin

About Me: Retired Military. Fire Fighter in Cambridge MA, Just started my 24th year. Realtor with eXp, Also an Entrepreneur with several businesses. Married with 4 kids. 2 of each. New Samoyed puppy named Cooper.

Interest: All sports especially Track & Field. Being from Massachusetts it's hard not to be a sports fan in title town. All games Blizzard and gaming in general. Whether it's PC, Console or rolling some dice. Enjoy watching movies, any genre but mostly sci-fi and fantasy, oh and musicals.

Times you'll find me on: There really isn't a set time I'm online. It varies to be honest.

Favorite/Most Hated Dungeon. I honestly don't have one. I enjoy then in different ways.

Tanya and Peter Real Name: Tanya
Location: Alberta, Canada

Alliance Characters:
Kashea: Beastmastery and Marksman for PVP (Leatherworker/Skinner)
Kerwindra: Feral kitty (herb/inscription)
Secretelle: sneakiest rogue spec I could find (Mining/Engineering)
Rasminthara: Void Elf Monk (JC/mining)
Clue: Frost Mage (Tailoring/mining)
Rezira: Something priest(Herbalism/alchemist)

Horde Characters:
Kasherella: Hunter
Reyven: Warlock

About me: I work as an Administrative Assistant at a Seniors Lodge. I have a daughter who's 13, and is gaining interest in WOW. So far we are at oppostite ends as her favourite character is a troll druid. My son has since moved out as he's of that age (22). I'm happily married to my bestfriend who i've been together with for half my life. I'm a mom to 3 cats and a lovable dog. I've been with Semper Vigilans since the beginning and it's my home away from home. You won't often find me raiding, but you will see me finishing up achievements as i'm a completionist at heart when it comes to video games. As of late it's attempting to get as many honor levels as I can before new expansion comes out.

Interests: I enjoy reading outside of gaming. I have all sorts of interests including watching cooking shows with my daughter, at times playing minecraft with my family, cooking, walking, dabbling in gardening and most recently learning about crypto currency which my husband and I now mine Ethereum.

Scott Real Name: Scott
Location: Ames, IA

Alliance Characters:
Nitefire: Enhancement Shaman
Nitestryke: Windwalker Monk
Niterunner: Warlock
Nitedancer: Mage
Nitesky: Warrior
Nitestar: Paladin
Nitetime: Hunter
Niteflame: Demon Hunter

Horde Characters:
Bloodfire: Rogue

About Me: Reasearch Associate at the Iowa State University, sci-fi fan, nature geek, loves animals.

SV_-_Zinnie2 Real Name: Randy
Location: Lamar, SC

Alliance Characters:
Zinnie: Mage (Main)
Brayden: Death Knight
Zonn: Priest
Elzimm: Druid
Lyzeofkiel: Warlock
Quietstormpa: Shaman
Onenightstab: Rogue
Kensie: Monk
Zinny: Mage
Ziggle: Hunter
Thordar: Hunter
(and many low alts guild bank toons)

Horde Characters:
Harryrump: Warrior
Junis: Demon Hunter
Shotto: Mage

About Me: For the past 26 years I’ve work with SCDOT, worked my way into a shop manager the last 12 years. I’m a chef at Mr. B’s Restaurant for the last 30 plus years, started in high school as a weekend job. I have yet to escape that raid/dungeon.

Mostly you will find me flipping AH items, mats, or crafted items to help other and myself out. I know I disappear a lot, I don’t text back consistently, and I’m distant. The truth is, I’m a superhero.

Overall, there is a Chinese saying that goes: “If you want happiness for an hour, take a nap. If you want happiness for a day, go fishing. If you want happiness for a year, inherit a fortune. If you want happiness for a lifetime, help somebody.” For centuries, the greatest thinkers have suggested the same thing: Happiness is found in helping others.

Interests:  J.R.R Tolkien Books, World of Warcraft Collector, Star Wars, America Unearthed Shows, History Shows, AD&D 2nd Edition, Drawing, Painting, artwork overall.

Times you'll find me on: mostly morning at 4 am, evenings and most weekends.

Most hated instance: All
Most loved instance: Haven’t found the right one for me, yet.