Tindral Snuffed Out!

Tindral Sageswift, Seer of the FlameWe got our first kill of Tindral Sageswift tonight! Great work from everyone in learning this new fight. Congratulations to everyone who got loot tonight!

5 Bosses Cleared!

GnarlrootIgira the CruelVolcorossCouncil of DreamNymue, Weaver of the CycleGreat work tonight on our first night in Amirdrassil the Dreams Hope! We got 5 bosses down with each being a 1 shot! Congratulations to all who got loot!

Zskarn and Magmorax Slain!

Zskarn: The Viglant StewardMagmoraxWe got our first kills of Zskarn and Magmorax tonight! Magmorax was even a one shot! Great work on learning this boss! Congratulations to everyone who got loot!

Four Bosses Slain!

The Amalgamation ChamberThe Forgotten ExperimentsAssault of the ZaqaliWe got four bosses down on the first night of Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible. Great work on getting these bosses down tonight! Congratulation to everyone on all of their new loot!