Classic WoW

Classic WoW will be released on Monday, August 26th at 3pm PST. If you were hoping to relive some early WoW memories with the guild or just experience vanilla WoW for the first time, don't worry. We've got you covered!

2 New Bosses Submerged

The Bringers of HAR brought down two new bosses in the Eternal Palace last night on their weekly crusade for loot and power! No more radiating of Azshara's water pet.Lady Ashvane a lady no more with Sveikas all over

Party Pics!

Galena kicked us off with a beach theme this year.  We hunted her down on the coast of Tanaris, where we all showed off our best beach transmogs. Fuggle had to have a selfie.In usual SV style, we spent

Guild Party Announcement

Hey all! We have an official date for the guild party now. On Friday, July 12th at 6:30p server time (Mountain Time) there will games, prizes, and fun with the guild. The location is a surprise. If you can't

SV Party Poll

Hey all! On July, 11th Semper Vigilans will celebrate our 14th birthday and that means it's party time. Like always, we want to choose a day and time that will work for as many people as possible. To help us