Clearing out some nightmare

H Word cleared out Igira the Cruel and Volcoross on heroic, congratulations to everyone who got loot! Igira the CruelVolcoross

Tindral Snuffed Out!

Tindral Sageswift, Seer of the FlameWe got our first kill of Tindral Sageswift tonight! Great work from everyone in learning this new fight. Congratulations to everyone who got loot tonight!

H Word Smashes

It's hot in Amirdrassil. H Word poses with a burning tree

5 Bosses Cleared!

GnarlrootIgira the CruelVolcorossCouncil of DreamNymue, Weaver of the CycleGreat work tonight on our first night in Amirdrassil the Dreams Hope! We got 5 bosses down with each being a 1 shot! Congratulations to all who got loot!

Aberrus AOTC!

Congrats to H Word on getting their Ahead of the Curve achievement tonight and those that got loot! H Word with Sarkareth and the Black Dragon Flights

Echo of Echo of Neltharion

H Word eliminated the Echo of Neltharion on heroic! Bye fake! H Word posing in front of Echo of NeltharionOne more boss down towards AOTC!