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This guild was formed to provide a fair, friendly and mature environment for its members. Members should conduct themselves in a manner which promotes the fun of the game and prosperity of the guild and its members. Semper Vigilans is an Alliance guild on the Perenolde server.

Quote of the Moment

23 Jul 2011 - Guild Bank

The Guild Vault maintains its resource from guildies like you! Try to keep a balance when you withdraw and deposit items/money into the vault. Also, the guild vault doesn't sort itself, please deposit your item next to items that you think are similar to your deposit. Thank you! Items are for use by guildies only. Please do not take things from the bank to pass out to your friends or your alts in other guilds. Please do not take items from the bank to sell.

The Guild Vault is separated by 7 tabs.

This tab is used to store rare (blue) and epic (purple) gears above level 60. Everything else will be disenchanted and sent to a different tab. Items from this vault are available by request from any officer (Protector, Guild Bank, Warden, Keeper, or Oracle) to pull out an item for you. You are welcomed to them!

This tab is for Herbs, Enchanting Materials, and Elemental trade goods.
The secondary items for this tab is Milled Herbs Pigments, Spider Silks

Please stick with the 1 stack per item rule.

We would prefer you use these items for crafting instead of leveling, but not a hard rule.

Things that we do _not_ need:
Peacebloom, Silverleaf
Strange Dust, Greater/Lesser Magic Essence, Nexus Crystal

This tab is for Profession patterns, Enchanted Scrolls and Glyphs.
Please only deposit unique (to our vault) patterns. Stacked scrolls are okay.
Enchanted Scrolls from Burning Crusade's enchants are removed.

This tab is for metals from mining veins (not gems, they have their own tab), metal bars, quest ores.
Also here are crafted enchants (non-Enchant Scroll enchants) like Armor Kits and Shield Spikes.
Other profession tools are also in this tab.

What goes in here are Leather, Hides, Scales, Cloth, and Rep items! (Sometimes Bags)

No more than 4 stacks of each type of cloth is needed in the bank except for Embersilk.
Please refrain from turning cloth into bolt as it become less useful for non-tailors.

Potions/Elixirs, Flasks, Raw Food, Cooked Food!

Only cooked food with effects please!

This tab is for any raw gems, cutted gems, pearls.

Only uncommon (blue) and up cut gems are accepted.

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