Vectis Cured!

We got our first kill of Vectis tonight! Congratulations on the great progress on the boss and to all who got loot.

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Taloc, MOTHER, Fetid Devourer and Zek'vov Defeated!

We got Taloc, MOTHER and Fetid Devourer all one shots on our first week! We also go Zek'vox down after working on it a few wipes. Congratulations to everyone on the great work and progress!

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BFA Scribe ?

Is anyone leveling a main toon that is a scribe?

"New to Battle for Azeroth are Reputation contracts. These contracts provide a bonus of 10 reputation to the contracted faction whenever a World Quest in Kul Tiras or Zandalar is completed.
-Contracts are crafted by Scribes.
-Contracts persist through death and have no duration.
-The only factions that don't have a contract are the War Campaign factions: The Honorbound and 7th Legion.

After unlocking World Quests, we recommend picking up a contract for whichever reputation you want, before starting to complete your World Quests."

I'd like to get one ASAP amd know who to send mats too.....

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BFA Survival Packs

The always fabulous Galena is putting together BFA survival packs for folks which she'll be sending out in the next week.  Please help her out by sharing which toon you'll be leveling first so she doesn't have to make guesses and sift through alts!

I'll be leveling Ligea.  Allen will be leveling Carastul.

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13th Anniversary Photo

13th Anniversary Picture.

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