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Author Topic: PCGA Rules  (Read 342 times)

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PCGA Rules
« on: June 13, 2018, 07:04:59 PM »
These are the official rules of the PCGA. Please read them over carefully. Take note of the rules we have highlighted; these rules may differ slightly from the SV policies. It is each member's responsibility to make sure they understand the rules ahead of time. So if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.


This Alliance is formed from an assortment of guilds that all have the same mentality. We want a place where tolerant, helpful players can have a place to find groups and make friends without resorting to leaving their guild.
General Behavior Guidelines
1. Be good to each other and keep your encounters civil. Do not harass, use offensive language, or make personal attacks on others. Racism, homophobia, or other hate speech will NOT be tolerated. If you see any offence like this please report it to your Guild representative or Moderators immediately.
2. Keep all channels PG-13. Many guilds do not enforce minimum age requirements. There are many other chat channels in WoW and Discord groups where you can be as crass as you want, but let's keep this one mostly clean.
3. If you are forming a group where the jokes will be of a more mature nature please communicate that ahead of time to avoid any issues.
4. Failure to follow these rules can result in a removal from the PCGA Discord and in-game community.

Guild Membership
1. Guilds that would like to join the PGCA will need to apply.  This can be done by contacting the Moderators.
2. Membership in the PCGA is voluntary for everyone in member guilds.
3. Players that are not a part of one of the Allied guilds can apply to join by getting in contact with the Moderators.
4. If you leave a member guild, and would like to remain part of the PCGA, you are required to contact the Moderators. As long as you are in good standing with the PCGA you will be allowed to stay.

Rules for Guilds
1. PCGA Guilds are responsible for their members’ conduct.
2. If there is an issue with a Member, the Moderators will be talking with their Guild Leadership so that they can take care of the situation in house.
3. Moderators reserve the right to remove members from the community at their discretion.

Guild Representatives
1. Each Guild will be required to have a main Guild Rep and up to two alternatives.
2. Guild Reps will be responsible for assisting in moderating the in-game community and the Discord server.
3. Guild Reps will be the point of contact for your guild as they will be responsible for getting new members acquainted with the community resources.
4. Guild Reps will speak on behalf of their guilds. If something is brought up for vote, each allied guild will get one vote. The main rep for each guild will be responsible for casting the vote.
5. If there is an issue between individuals from different member guilds the issue will be resolved by the leadership of those guilds. If it is unable to be resolved, the Guild Rep will bring the matter up to the Moderators.
6. Guilds must be reachable. If none of the guild’s representatives or officers can be reached for two days, the guild may be removed due to inactivity.

Recruitment from within the PCGA
Poaching from other member guilds allied with the PCGA is prohibited.  The point of this community is to give guilds on our server an increased population to engage with, and to give players a chance to find groups they want without having to leave their guild.

1. Players transferring between member guilds must first have their current guild and prospective guild leadership make contact.
2. If a member is removed from their current guild they are welcomed to make contact with another guild in the PCGA to apply for membership.
2a. Guild officers should contact the Moderators about players that are removed from their guild if they believe it can affect the PCGA.  We will keep a list of issues so the guild representatives can keep informed.
3. No events may be posted in the Discord or in-game community that require being a member of that guild to attend.
4. Guilds are able to recruit from outside of the alliance at any time, but we do reserve the right to deny players from accessing the Discord and in-game community if valid concerns are raised.
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