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This guild was formed to provide a fair, friendly and mature environment for its members. Members should conduct themselves in a manner which promotes the fun of the game and prosperity of the guild and its members. Semper Vigilans is an Alliance guild on the Perenolde server.

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08 Feb 2008 - Delta downs Prince

Congrats to those Delta-ese for killing Prince for the first time!

[wowitem]Helm of the Fallen Hero[/wowitem]
[wowitem]Sunfury Bow of the Phoenix[/wowitem]
[wowitem]Jade Ring of the Everliving[/wowitem]

01 Feb 2008 - Annoucements

Guild bank withdrawals are halted.  We had some trouble with a few ex-guildies helping themselves to piles of goodies before they left, so we've disabled withdrawals for a week or so.  Please ask any officer if you need something from the vaults and they'll be happy to get it for you.

The TS server password has changed.  Please ask an officer if you need the new one.

Also, I've pruned the guild roster and gotten rid of a lot of characters who have left the game or haven't been on in months.  If one of your alts fell to my axe, give a yell and I'll happily re-invite.
I would like to thank everyone for making last night's first Crazy 88's run a good one. We were able to take down Attumen the Huntsman. Not bad for our first run. As soon as we get a set roster with an Alt. or two we should be fine.

These were the drops.
[wowitem]Vambraces of Courage[/wowitem] to Leochiss
[wowitem]Spectral Band of Innervation[/wowitem] to Andere

(Sorry for moving this so late! ~Fug)

09 Jan 2008 - Member Spotlight, vol. 4

Welcome back and Happy New Year Everybody!
Many exciting things are happening, but let's check out this member in the spotlight.

Who do you play in Semper Vigilans?
Marquee (70 resto shammy ho)
Yaypriest (18ish priest)
Azshaladon (60 rogue, i refuse to level her)

What is your real name?

Where are you from?
I've lived in three tiny towns in California. All best known for their smog, cows, and hobos.

How'd you start playing WoW?
I made a rogue (azsh) so I could talk to my ex, and after that ende
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