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This guild was formed to provide a fair, friendly and mature environment for its members. Members should conduct themselves in a manner which promotes the fun of the game and prosperity of the guild and its members. Semper Vigilans is an Alliance guild on the Perenolde server.

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07 Jun 2008 - Crazy 88's Kills

Late post, but let's celebrate Crazy 88's kills of Illhoof and Shade of Aran in Karazhan!

Adult Swim is off to the races with a first-night one-shot of the Zul'Aman bear boss!  Congrats to Yitzhak who won [item]Jungle Stompers[/item] and to Carastulan who got his [item]Picnic Basket[/item] back. 

Special thanks to Axxeon, Yitzhak and Carastulan who filled in at the last minute.

Next week, a smoother start, another one-shot on Nalorakk, and on to Akil'zon where we will master the timed group pileup!

19 Apr 2008 - Member Spotlight, vol. 6

It's been awhile.... 'cause I sorta forgot about this foo :P Just kidding, love love.
On today's spotlight we have...

Who do you play in Semper Vigilans?
Konomett, Morbain, and Kaiforn (main is Morixian but not in guild (long story behind why and don’t want to get into it))

What is your real name?
William (friends and family call me Elliot (middle name) as dad and I share same name)

Where are you from?
New York City (and yes, I am a polite New Yorker)

How'd you start playing WoW?
RL friend (Ktulurtl). Al

06 Apr 2008 - Class Forum Added!

We're pleased to announce the addition of a Class Forum to our Discussion Boards! To keep things nice and tidy, we've made a single thread for each class.  We'll add separate threads for roles (healers, tank, dps) if people find them needed. 

Thanks to Xb, Frig and Crystal for the suggestion!

25 Mar 2008 - Post-Patch Madness

For those that are new to WoW or new to mods... here's an old post that is still useful for the current patch!

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