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This guild was formed to provide a fair, friendly and mature environment for its members. Members should conduct themselves in a manner which promotes the fun of the game and prosperity of the guild and its members. Semper Vigilans is an Alliance guild on the Perenolde server.

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Check out our fun time in Boston! You must log in to view :)

Welcome to member spotlight number 7! Revisited!

Who do you play in Semper Vigilans?
Mainly my druid, Sveika, but also a multitude of alts (all listed quite elegantly in my forum signature).  Roughly in order of preference those are my rogue, Finura, my shaman, Sfera, my death knight, Kruvina, my priest, Dvasia, my hunter, Elu, my mage, Foible, my paladin, Belsti, my warlock, Dekadansa, and my warrior, Sprogi.  One of each class, mostly with fitting names in Lithuanian; the exceptions being my mage's name in plain English and my rogue's in Spanish.

What i

07 Jun 2008 - Adult Swim vs. Trolls

Adult Swim owned 2 bosses in the last 2 runs in Zul'Aman! Congrats!

07 Jun 2008 - Crazy 88's Kills

Late post, but let's celebrate Crazy 88's kills of Illhoof and Shade of Aran in Karazhan!

Adult Swim is off to the races with a first-night one-shot of the Zul'Aman bear boss!  Congrats to Yitzhak who won [item]Jungle Stompers[/item] and to Carastulan who got his [item]Picnic Basket[/item] back. 

Special thanks to Axxeon, Yitzhak and Carastulan who filled in at the last minute.

Next week, a smoother start, another one-shot on Nalorakk, and on to Akil'zon where we will master the timed group pileup!
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