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This guild was formed to provide a fair, friendly and mature environment for its members. Members should conduct themselves in a manner which promotes the fun of the game and prosperity of the guild and its members. Semper Vigilans is an Alliance guild on the Perenolde server.

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25 Nov 2008 - Officer Meeting Recap

Just to keep you all up to date, here's the recap of the officer meeting we had this weekend.

Recruiting --

We're going to make more of an effort to talk to incoming people before we invite them in order to make sure they really want to be involved and fit with the guild.  We're going to also try to hold sponsors more accountable for those they sponsor.

An initial decision on a Trainee will be made at 30 days.  If we don't have enough info at that time, we'll address that with both candidate and sponsor.  A final yay/nay will be made at 60 days.

Website --

We need to change the vent art to reflect the new server address.

We will be updating the policies to indicate an expe

10 Nov 2008 - XPac Suvival Guide

Here's somethings you should know when Lich King is installed and ready to go. In case you haven't been following sites about it.

- Expect some mods to be broken (again). Because of the new zones and new class (Death Knight), you might experience some weirdness if your mod isn't WotLK ready. You can see a list of mods that are LK ready at http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/latest.php?wotlk and most of these work on what we have right now, so go update them before release if you want.

- Expect lag! Northrend Graphics has more textures and lighting effects than Outland! So if you lag really bad in Shattrah, you'll want to turn down your settings for Northrend. Especially in the starting areas. (Remember you have to be 68-70 before you get any ques

30 Oct 2008 - Raids!

Want to get some badges or gear upgrade? Want to do your achievements? Here's some raids that people have put together for next week!
Check them out!

Ragefire Chasm:
Date/Time: Saturday Nov 1, 4:00pm server
Discussion | Signup

Open Karazhan:
Date/Time: Monday Nov 3, 6:00pm server

Classic Raids (ZG/MC/BWL):
Date/Time: Thursday Nov 6, 6:00pm server
Discussion | [url=http://www.sempervigilans.net/phprai

10 Aug 2008 - Member Spotlight, vol. 8

Welcome to Member Spotlight number 8!
Something about D.A. ...

Who do you play in Semper Vigilans?
Adelena, and my newly little sister, Tiaracy.

What is your real name?

Where are you from?
The beautiful island of Oahu.

How did you start playing WoW?
Well, I used to hate the game when the hubby was playing it all the time. He finally convinced me to try it and I got hooked!

How did you get involved with SV in the first place?
Well Jarvi used to be here.... You all got to know me, I think wh

25 Jul 2008 - New Vent Server

Our new vent server is up and running at:


port: 4617

The password is in the guild motd.

A basic guide to setting up Ventrilo is available here -- http://clanservers.multiplay.co.uk/help/ventrilo_guide.htm

There's a terrific video guide that will help you set your voice activation levels, etc at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0V5_LFNOkBg&feature=related
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